We hope everyone and their families are safe and doing well.

The RCPO has been invited by Chief Chris Flanagan to meet at the police department on Mischief night 10/30/21.

The Chief would like to treat us to dinner at the station.  Following dinner, we will go out that night, on patrol to help him keep Radnor safe.  Since there was no Halloween or Mischief Night patrols last year, the Chief feels this would be a good opportunity to show our commitment to the kids and the community. This event has always been a fun time for those involved.  This is a great gesture by Chris to engage us and show his support for the Radnor Citizens Police Organization.

We understand all your lives are ever-changing, we have been through a pandemic, and this is a challenging time to ask for your support.  But since we noticed this drop in volunteerism within our members, Chris Flanagan has offered to sponsor this dinner to help boost interest in participating again. We need your help more now than ever.

We really hope all of you can come. It would be great to see each other, and it will be a fun time!

We will send out more details to those that sign up as the date gets closer, but please sign up and mark it in your calendars today.

You can go to our events page, or just simply reply to this email: