Schedule Shift

First step is to schedule a shift.  Anytime you are available to volunteer for a shift: day or night, weekdays or weekends, we are thrilled to have you sign up.

To schedule a shift, please use the Townwatch Signup Form located here.

First just enter your name, current email address and cell phone number.  

Next, select your type. 

  • RCPO Members with Town Watch training can sign up to go out anytime.
  • RCPO members that have not taken the town watch car out previously should select the Need Training option, and we will schedule a senior member to take you out for the first time.
  • Community members are welcome to signup to ride along with a RCPO member to see what town watch is all about.

Then just select the date and start/end time you want for your shift, and check off any area(s) that you think you'll be patrolling.  Please note that you are not limited to these locations and can patrol any public areas in Radnor township.  This just helps us know where we have coverage and better plan other resources.

Finally select the vehicle.  We just have the Town Watch Crown Victoria available for now, but will be adding a new town watch vehicle in the near future.  You can also add any comments as well.

Once you are done, just submit the information and your shift is confirmed.  If necessary, someone from the RCPO may contact you to confirm and coordinate any logistics as needed.

Safety First

Please keep in mind, your safety should always come first.  For that reason, we have the following rules for following while on patrol:

  • Always check in before your shift with the Radnor police officer in charge.
  • Keep the vehicle doors locked and do not leave the vehicle to talk/approach anyone.  The only exception to this would be to assist police on the scene of an incident, only if requested to do so.
  • Do not perform any criminal or security investigative functions such as checking doors, searching on foot, etc or go onto private property.  Always observe only from your vehicle.
  • Do not shine your searchlight or flashlight onto any person or private residence during patrol.
  • Do not get involved in any pursuit and obey all traffic laws.
  • Take a charged cell phone with you, in case you have any difficulty with the radio and need to reach someone in an emergency.
  • You are not allowed to carry any weapons on patrol, even if you are licensed to do so.
  • Do not use/take any drugs or alcohol before or during your shift. 

Preparing for your Shift

Some items to take with you to your shift are:

  • Charged cell phone as backup in case you need to reach someone, and to use to take any pictures as needed.
  • Wear your RCPO shirt and RCPO ID badge.  Let us know if you need either of these items and we will get them ordered for you.
  • Take some water and snacks with you.

Once you arrive at the township building, you can enter the police department on the lower level vestibule area, which is just outside of the roll call room.  The outside doors to this area are always unlocked.  There is a phone to the left hand side of the roll call room doors.  Use this to connect to the dispatchers and let them know you are at the Radnor police station for town watch patrol and need to see an officer.  They will call them over the radio and someone will be there shortly to let you in to retrieve equipment and car keys.

Meet with the RPD officer in charge if they are available at the station, or call them over the radio on the "Radnor Tac" channel.  You should exchange contact information, and share information on the areas to be patrolled.  

During your Shift

Some things to do and note while on your patrol:

  • Patrol areas at moderate speed looking for suspicious activity, people in distress, fires, accidents, downed trees/storm damage, and damage caused by vandals or burglars.
  • Note any suspicious persons or vehicles that are seen.
  • Report disorderly groups.  A group of teenagers together are not necessarily disorderly.  Watch for underage drinking.
  • Report any serious traffic violations such as racing, reckless driving, suspected DUI, etc.
  • Watch for anything else that may be out of the ordinary.
  • Note any issues with street lights that are out for public works.  Make note of the nearest cross streets, and the number located on the pole if possible.

Vehicle Equipment

Please see these pages for information on the town watch vehicles, and operation of their equipment such as lights and radio

After your Shift

When your shift has completed and you have returned to the township building, please check in again with the RPD officer in charge to let them know you are back.  

Please give the OIC a report of your patrol. 

Return any equipment (vests, radio, traffic wands, etc.) and car keys to their original locations.

If you encountered any type of incident during your patrol, please document that.