Dear RCPO Team,

So as you likely already know, the Villanova Men's Basketball team has made it to the Final 4 again this year in the NCAA tournament.  Radnor township is getting ready yet again for the game this Saturday, April 2nd (along with the possibility of a championship game on the evening of April 4th).

RPD will be activating their Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the township building, and coordinating with multiple other local, state and federal agencies under the Incident Command System (ICS).  Chief Flanagan has asked for our assistance with this event to ensure for safe celebrations at the university and township.

Event Summary

The RCPO's primary focus will be a general town watch patrol of the township, especially in and around areas where students will be celebrating in Bryn Mawr and various other college campuses in the area.  Based on the number of volunteers we have available, we may team up on patrols and could also be asked to assist in other capacities as well.

Signup Details

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2022

Time: We will start out by attending roll call at 4-5pm, and will be on patrol after that.  The game should end sometime around 9pm,  We will conclude at some point afterwards, depending on the celebrations and activity taking place.

Since we will be using ICS to handle everyone involved in the event, it will be important for everyone to properly check in and out and receive a quick briefing and tactical call sign for the radio.  The sooner you can check your schedules and sign up would be much appreciated!

Please visit our Event Signup Page to signup for this event, or simply reply to this email.

Other Events

We also have many other events coming up this spring and summer that we have been asked to assist with as well.  These include the Wheels of Wayne Car Show on May 15th, the Music Fest on June 11th, and various summer concerts in township parks.  We'd love to have everyone come out and take part in any or all of these wonderful events the township is organizing.

Thanks for all your assistance!